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Charlie suffers multiple anxiety attacks in Hollyoaks as Darren struggles with how to help

As Charlie heads towards the sea, will Darren get to him in time?

When Darren tells him that Hollyoaks High have agreed to let him redo his year, Charlie refuses to go back and Darren pulls in Dillon and Shing Lin to try and persuade Charlie to come out of his room. But to no avail.

Later, before Charlie manages to reach the band practice room he suffers an anxiety attack.

After receiving some concerning texts from Charlie, Shing Lin calls Darren and he and Tony force their way into Charlie’s room and discover the wall full of dark lyrics. When Charlie returns, he pushes them out. And Darren struggles with knowing how to handle Charlie.

On his way to school, Charlie has another anxiety attack.

Meanwhile, Tony tells Darren that Charlie’s lyrics look like a cry for help and suggests he goes to let his son know he’s listening and Darren asks Shing Lin to call Charlie to see where he is. Making an excuse, she says it’ll have to wait until after school thinking Charlie might just need some breathing space.

But when Shing Lin receives a picture of the beach from Charlie. she shows Darren who manages to get in touch with Charlie.

Concerned, Darren and Tony rush to find him and in emotional scenes, Charlie walks into the sea with flashbacks of happy memories from his childhood with Darren always being there.

As Darren and Tony arrive at the beach, will they find him?

Later on in the week, Darren tells Shing Lin what happened without telling Charlie and Jack talks to his son about Phoenix’s revelation that he now identifies as a male. Darren tells his dad that he’s glad Phoenix trusted them with the news. And when Darren calls in help from Scott to talk to Charlie, Scott asks Charlie what he wants to do.

Opening up to Dave, Shing Lin blames herself for leaving Charlie, and he reminds her that she has to also look after her wellbeing.

After Scott opens up to Charlie about his past struggles with mental health, he offers Darren some advice and meeting up, Charlie and Shing Lin decide to work through things together.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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