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Chas in denial after Liam finds a lump in her breast in Emmerdale

Can he convince her to get it checked out?

The week after their spontaneous kiss whilst baking together, Chas pulls Liam into a passionate embrace but the pair panic when they hear Paddy, Mandy, and Eve entering.

When Mandy eyes Liam knowingly, Chas manages to hide just out of sight, and Liam is mortified to confirm Mandy's suspicions and admits there is a woman in the house. Probed further, Liam lies and protests that it's anyone they know.

Before she can leave, Chas is wrongfooted when a solemn Liam confesses he felt a lump in her breast. Refusing to talk about it, Chas quickly exits, seemingly in denial. Outside, Chas breaks down before hurrying away, in fear that she'll be seen.

The next day, an upset Chas can’t help but stress about the lump in her breast, whilst Liam accidentally reveals to Mandy and Paddy that he slept with Chas yesterday. Clearly wrongfooted, Paddy attempts bravado while Liam and Mandy remain awkward and Mandy’s concerned by the depth of Paddy’s irritation at the situation.

Furious, Chas goes to confront Liam about Paddy, concerned he might know about the lump too. As Liam sets her straight, he's worried when Chas continues to squirm at any mention of her lump and urges her to get it checked out. 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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