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Chas pushes Paddy away in Emmerdale after missing Al's funeral

And Paddy starts to question if there’s more to Chas’ escalating grief.

Chas is thrown when Kerry reveals to her that Al’s funeral is tomorrow and asks if she'll consider accompanying her.

The next day, Chas explains she needs to attend Liv’s send-off instead of Al’s funeral which Kerry understands.

As Vinny shakily opens Liv’s urn, ready to let her go, Chas is wracked with grief as she pushes Paddy away, deciding to leave as she becomes a sobbing mess.

At the Woolpack, Chas is distracted and tries to hide her emotions when Chloe, Dawn and Billy return from Al’s funeral. However, she's thrown to hear that there was a poor turnout.

Outside Keepers, Kerry breaks down in front of Chas who is awash with the same grief and slips the order of service into her coat as she leaves.

Back at home, Paddy is thrown as Chas lets out her upset and rage after secretly reading Al’s order of service. Confiding in Lydia, Paddy is starting to question if there’s more to Chas’ escalating grief.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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