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Chelsea calls off her wedding in EastEnders as Gray's anger resurfaces

And when Whitney is warned to stay away from Gray, will she share the truth with Chelsea?

Please note these spoilers are for the week commencing Monday 13th December

After Chelsea tells her that she's had the scan, an out of sight Whitney pressures Gray to tell Chelsea the truth about his dire finances.

Later, in front of Kheerat, Gray asks Ben for clients in return for a cut but when he refuses, Kheerat interjects, making Ben reconsider. Leaving Gray feeling surprised and grateful.

When Chelsea arrives home she sees a large man threatening Gray and immediately shoves him out of the house, forcing an angry Gray to explain.

As Gray tells Ben about what happened with Chelsea and the prospective client, Ben decides to never give Gray clients again. Overhearing, Eve offers Gray her services. But he passes until she later shows up with a client in need of representation and a lot of cash.

As Gray accepts, they begin working together and Gray bans Chelsea from the house while he has clients over. After overhearing their conversation, Denise argues with Chelsea.

Frustrated that Gray doesn’t have a lot of money, Chelsea gets an idea to get Gray his old job back, but when she enters the house and interrupts Gray’s meeting, the client is angered in the process. As Gray is filled with fury, Chelsea in turn calls off the wedding.

Still angry that Gray hasn’t apologised, Chelsea is adamant the wedding is off. And she’s surprised to see a text from the bank.

Later, Gray's old boss Laura shows up with a warning and after a confrontation with Gray, Whitney spots an angry Laura and enquires about her firing Gray. Laura tells Whitney about Gray’s dangerous and misogynistic streak before suggesting she stays well away from him and Chelsea too.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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