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Chelsea receives a shock in EastEnders as she goes to register Jordan's birth

Can she get one over on Gray?

When Gray suggests that they should register Jordan’s birth, Chelsea tells a concerned Whitney and Kheerat who encourage her to stick to their plan. Chelsea explains that even if Gray does go down, she will never get rid of him once he is registered on the birth certificate.

Sensing that Chelsea is on the edge, Whitney decides to change their plan so that Chelsea signs the birth certificate without Gray.

However, Chelsea's chances of getting her passport - so that she can register Jordan's birth - are slim after Gray informs her that Jordan is breathing on his own so they don’t have to be at the hospital.

When Chelsea tells Kheerat that she can't leave the house, he comes by and takes Gray to The Vic in celebration of Jordan’s birth, buying Chelsea time.

On her way back, Chelsea is caught by Gray and she lies, telling him that she just went to get milk. Later, Gray's suspicions rise and they both agree to go to the hospital to see Jordan.

After giving Kheerat an update, he promises Chelsea that he'll meet her at the hospital to support her signing the birth certificate. But as she goes to register Jordan’s birth, Chelsea gets a shock!

Later, Denise assumes that a deflated Chelsea is overtired so gives her some pills to help her sleep and later advises Gray to book a GP appointment to see if they can help Chelsea.

And when Gray sees that Chelsea isn’t eating, he surprises her with a gift! But what could it be?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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