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Chelsea turns to Gray as she's questioned by police in EastEnders

But will he mistake her flirting, for anything other than a game plan?

Everyone is shocked when the police take Chelsea into questioning over the possession of stolen goods. And after Denise and Jack confront Chelsea, Jack advises she get a lawyer and suggests she ask Gray.

Visiting Gray, Chelsea asks him out for lunch where she flirts, but as soon as Chelsea brings up her real motivation, Gray momentarily sours. Nonetheless he agrees to represent her and they continue to flirt.

With Sheree incredulous that Chelsea seems indifferent about the events the day before, Chelsea explains that with Gray as her solicitor she will be fine, and she won’t need to pay if she keeps flirting with him.

Later, after going through her case, Chelsea asks Gray out for a drink where Karen and Mitch spot them.

Meanwhile, Rainie tells Bernadette she’s still not sure who she will choose as her surrogate and after a run with Bernie, Karen tries to encourage her to come to Kathy’s event.

But Bernie doesn’t want to drink and Karen mistakes her reluctance for sadness over her break-up and encourages her to move on.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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