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Chloe in danger after confronting Noah over his stalking in Emmerdale

Can Charity save her?

In a week of special episodes, with flash-forward scenes, viewers will be wondering what the future holds for some key characters but as the week unfolds all will become clear.

As the week commences, in the gloom we see a misty graveyard with an open grave. The slamming of an iron police cell door and the sound of a gunshot rings out in the woods before we see a crumpled car steaming in the gloom having just had a terrible accident… But whose bodies are in the wreck and what does it all mean?

Noah's obsession with Chloe escalates as he tracks her phone and enjoys spying on oblivious Chloe with his high-tech drone.

How will Chloe and her loyal friends react when Noah’s behaviour is exposed? Could Noah’s behaviour be the catalyst to spiral this week into a disaster?

With Jacob frustrated that no one believes him, Victoria finally hears his case and Jacob voices how he thinks Noah pinched Chloe’s journal and keys.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Chloe agrees to spend the day with Noah at his house just hanging out. Privately, Chloe is still licking her wounds regarding Nate so is happy spending the time with attentive Noah.

All is great and Chloe is amazed Noah seems to know exactly what sort of music she likes. However, the day takes a turn when she suddenly comes across her lost keys. Hiding her fear,s Chloe confronts Noah who bluffs his way out, but Chloe is privately panicked.

As the penny finally drops, Chloe pales to guess what might have been going on all along and it's not long before she sends an oblivious Noah on a mission to buy them some snacks for the day.

With Noah gone, Chloe urgently sets about rooting through his laptop files for evidence and soon the scales fall from her eyes. She's astonished to have her fears confirmed when she sees the extent of the evidence before her.

It is very clear that he has been stalking Chloe for weeks and when Noah, full of the joys of spring, returns to the house with the carefully selected snacks he's bought for Chloe, he's unprepared for her frostiness.

When she confronts him, he reacts badly by trying to stop her from taking her laptop and attempts to trap Chloe in his house.

And when Charity walks in on this terrifying scenario, she's appalled. What will she do?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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