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Chloe's plan to dump Charity and Mack in the middle of nowhere ends with a crash in Emmerdale

As the car starts to slip away, who will Mack save first?

As Mackenzie and Chloe prepare to leave for a holiday break in Scotland, with the hope of moving there permanently soon, unbeknownst to Mackenzie, Chloe’s sick with betrayal after having heard Charity and Mackenzie’s conversation last week.

However, she's left feeling optimistic that she'll be able to forgive Mackenzie when Tracy shares how she managed to forgive Nate’s cheating. Later, when Mackenzie tells her he loves her, Chloe is happily reassured.

Making peace with Charity, Mackenzie resolves the relationship between them is over before kissing her on the forehead.

As they pull away from a tender hug, we see that Chloe has seen them.

As Mackenzie makes his excuses, Chloe feigns ignorance but once alone, her smile turns to a look of pure hate. When they drop off Reuben with Matty, a withdrawn Chloe drives whilst Mackenzie is blissfully oblivious to her fractured state of mind.

Soon, the pair are shocked to find Charity broken down at the side of the road, and with mischief on her mind, Chloe offers her a lift.

In the car, the tension could be cut with a knife and Chloe intentionally misses their turn and heads towards the moors. Her plan to abandon Charity and Mackenzie somewhere remote is underway.

With Charity concerned that they're now in the middle of nowhere, she demands that Chloe pulls over, having had enough of her attempts to push her buttons.

As Mackenzie fears fireworks, a car smashes into them and things are eerily still inside the car. When Mackenzie regains consciousness, panic sets in as he realises the car is suspended on the edge of a cliff.

Fighting a rising panic, a terrified Mack tries to get out of the car but as he escapes, the car creeks and shifts. Frozen in fear, Charity regains consciousness and realises where she is and what’s happened.

Soon, Chloe regains consciousness and starts to panic and is forced to put her faith in Mack as he tries to guide her and Charity to safety and out of the car.

However, when Chloe knocks the wheel, the car starts to slip away. Both desperate to be saved, Charity and Chloe reach out to Mackenzie. Who will he save first?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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