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Cindy and Ian's return sends shockwaves through Walford in EastEnders

Can George keep Rose (Cindy) away from Anna and Gina?

As Cindy meets Peter, he takes a call from Ian who demands he get his mum back to France, but whilst his back is turned, Cindy heads to Albert Square in search of Kathy.

Desperate not to be seen, Cindy has to avoid those who knew her from many years ago, but with no luck in finding Kathy in the café, Cindy heads to No.45 to face the music and it’s not long before all hell breaks loose between the women.

Meanwhile, it's Anna’s 21st birthday and Gina, George and Elaine rally around her to make it one to remember. To keep her away from The Vic, Gina takes Anna to get glam at Fox & Hair as Elaine, Linda and George busily work to transform the pub into a Spanish fiesta.

Emotionally overwhelmed by the day, George later opens up to Elaine about how sad and disappointed he is that Rose is missing yet another milestone in their daughters’ lives. As Elaine reassures George, Anna and Gina arrive to a burst of surprises but with the emotions of the day taking over, George goes outside for some air.

When Ian arrives desperate to get Cindy away, she is stopped in her tracks by George, who has just exited The Vic.

Rushed off her feet catering for Anna's party, Kathy sends Rocky and Bobby off to the chippy to prep. After a shock visit from Cindy, Kathy is stunned to learn that Peter is back in Walford and later, Peter and Kathy have a heart-to-heart.

Meanwhile, stunned to see Cindy, George soon hardens when he learns that she had no knowledge that he or the girls were in the Square and didn't return for them. As Cindy questions George on their daughters’ whereabouts, he lies and insists they are both in Spain.

Wanting to protect Gina and Anna, George takes Cindy to the barrel store and demands answers.

Later, Linda interrupts their clandestine chat and implores George for his selfishness considering all the hard work Elaine has put in for Anna’s party. Realising her daughters are inches away, Cindy rushes into the bar and comes face-to-face with Anna and Gina as well as the residents of Walford.

As Ian seeks solace in the laundrette, Peter soon heads to his dad's side and realises the real reason his dad didn’t want Cindy to return to the Square.

Despite his dad’s feelings, Peter heads to The Vic to celebrate Anna’s birthday, but it’s not long before Ian arrives looking for Cindy and bumps into Sharon and Phil, who are shocked to see him.

As the fallout of Cindy and Ian’s return sends shockwaves through Walford, upstairs in The Vic, Cindy desperately tries to explain herself to Gina and Anna.

After confronting their mum, Anna and Gina head to Peggy's to drown their sorrows and things quickly get out of hand. Fearing the worst, George tries to track the girls down with Cindy, before George's worst fears come true.

As Ian tries to avoid Sharon and Phil, it's not long before Phil makes it clear he wants Ian gone and Sharon plucks up the courage to talk to Ian.

Later, Ian heads to No.45 to reunite with Kathy who is reeling from Cindy’s arrival, but she’s stunned again when Ian reveals Cindy’s connection to the Knights.

Fretting to Ian that Cindy and Anna will hate him for Lucy’s death, Bobby rushes home to No.45 and later heads to Peggy's to check that Anna is OK. But it's not long before Freddie and Anna head to the chippy together.

The following day, Bobby tries to make amends with Anna, but she explains that given the circumstances, it's better they both stay friends.

Later, after ordering Cindy to leave along with the Beales, an overwhelmed George breaks down as he's left alone for the first time.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Ian take refuge at Alfie's.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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