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Cindy strives to make Luke's 'last Christmas' perfect in Hollyoaks

But is left heartbroken by Luke's actions.

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

Worrying that it could be Luke’s last Christmas, Cindy puts her all into making it a special one. But Christmas at the Cunninghams might not be perfect after all, as Luke’s reaction to Cindy’s decorating isn’t what she’d expected.

To make matters worse, she is heartbroken when Luke forgets which sister he’s supposed to be with! But Cindy’s Christmas might be saved after Zara stumbles upon something special.

Motivated by Luke’s video, Cindy plans a family picnic, but things quickly turn sour when Hilton is injured. And Cindy says something she might regret.

A trip down memory lane helps Cindy see some light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s short-lived as Becky gives Ollie some ideas that divide the household.

Once again, another of Becky’s plans take a turn when the police arrive to arrest her. But will Ollie stand by as his girlfriend is taken away in handcuffs?

Feeling betrayed by Cindy for calling the police, Ollie makes a rash decision.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm, 5.20pm (27th) and 6pm (28th-30th) on Channel 4


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