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Cleo tries to save Toby from Dr Ley in Hollyoaks

But is Celeste right to cover her tracks?

Dr Ley continues to hold Toby prisoner in The Loft, as she hopes she can dredge up his past enough for him to snap for her second book.

After Cleo overhears Celeste trying to contact Toby, she knows that she's lying when she's told that she spoke to him last night. When Celeste lets slip that Toby is being treated by Dr. Ley, a quick online search gives Cleo cause for concern.

And when Cleo spots the same Dr. Ley stood outside The Loft she's confused! Swiping Celeste's keys to the loft, Cleo is horrified to see childlike Toby in the makeshift prison that Dr Ley has set up. Begging him to leave, Cleo tries to reassure Toby that there are who care for him, like here.

Celeste meanwhile, is sure that Toby is in safe hands with Dr Ley.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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