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CORRIE SPOILERS A voice from the past haunts Eileen

Could Phelan still be alive?

As the crank calls continue, Eileen returns home to find two men carrying furniture out of her house. She's left shaken when they tell her that someone called Pat had booked a house clearance and gave them a key.

When the cab office is hit by a prank fare, Eileen realises she’s being targeted at work too and finding herself locked in her office, her phone rings and her blood runs cold as she hears Phelan’s voice!

When Steve finds her in the cab office clearly terrified he phones the police and tells them about the prank calls. When he tells them that the last call came from her dead husband Phelan, they suggest that the voice could have been lifted from an answerphone message. Eileen is shocked that someone could hate her that much and accuses Alya of being responsible.

Returning home, she finds that someone has thrown a brick through her window and as her phone rings we see the caller lurking in the ginnel.

When Faye call at No.11 she suggests Phelan is still alive but the police assure Eileen that they have no reason to believe he is and they will find the culprit.

Eileen confides in Leanne about how she’s being terrorised by a stalker and how she's been asked by the police to keep a diary.

These scenes will air Monday 21st - Friday 25th May on ITV


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