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CORRIE SPOILERS Johnny & Liz share a kiss

As Aidan's funeral approaches, Liz provides the support Johnny needs which leads to a kiss.

When Jenny accidentally spills coffee on the suit Johnny was hoping to wear at Aidan's burial, he lets rip and tells her she's no longer welcome at the Chapel of Rest.

As Johnny waits for his cab, Liz offers to go with him and Jenny breaks down in Rita's arms as she watches them leave together.

Numb with grief, Johnny stares at Aidan's body and when they return to the pub, Liz gives Johnny a comforting hug.

Johnny is stunned when Alya tells the Connors that she knows Aidan left her the factory in his will and is less than pleased when he realises Carla and Jenny knew and Alya accuses them of trying to screw her over.

Johnny refuses to listen to Adam who suggest contesting the will on the grounds Aidan was of unsound mind, adamant they must respect Aidan’s wishes and bans Jenny from the funeral. Turning up drunk at Liz's flat, the pair kiss passionately.

On the day of Aidan's funeral, Johnny's awash with guilt and apologises to Jenny, telling her she is welcome to attend. But Carla refuses to let Alya attend.

At the funeral, Johnny's emotional eulogy in which he says Aidan would have made a great dad, proves too much for Eva who rushes from the church.

As Johnny stares at Aidan's coffin in the ground, he tells Jenny that he wants to be left alone and she heads off to the wake, hurt. When he returns to the street he admits to Liz that he can’t bear to be in the same room as Jenny.

When she invites him back to her flat, he confesses his true feelings for her and stays the night. Returning home the next morning, Johnny blanks Jenny who was up al night worrying about him and heads back to Liz's flat to tell her how he really feels.

He loves her and he's going to end it with Jenny. But how will Liz react?

These scenes will air Monday 11th - Friday 15th June on ITV

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