CORRIE SPOILERS Johnny shuts himself away following Aidan’s death

But when he confides in Liz, what does this mean for his future with Jenny?

Johnny suffers a heart attack as he visits Aidan’s flat, desperate to find the motive for his suicide. When Jenny points out that Sophie isn’t to blame for Aidan’s death after admitting to not replying to a text from him, he storms off to bed. Sophie confides in Rosie how she showed Johnny Aidan’s text and he pretty much blamed her for Aidan’s death.

As Carla and Michelle sort through Aidan’s things, Michelle comes across Aidan’s will and is stunned at the contents and puts it in her pocket. She then finds a letter in Aidan’s handwriting addressed to Johnny. With the family present, Johnny opens the letter and reads the words “I’m sorry, Aidan”.

Later, Michelle reveals the contents of Aidan’s will to the Connor women and confides in Ali about cancelling the wedding as it wouldn’t be right so soon after Aidan’s death. But when Ali suggests that perhaps a small family wedding is what they all need, he offers to help organise it and Robert reckons it’s a good idea.

After opening up to Billy about how upset she is at Aidan’s death, Summer reveals her idea for an initiative called ‘Speak & Save’ which will encourage young men to talk about mental health. Jenny and Carla are impressed and offer their support.

With Aidan’s death also taking its toll on Adam