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CORRIE SPOILERS Jude puts Mary in an impossible position

As she discovers that he's been lying again.

Coming off the phone, Jude rather excitedly reveals to a delighted Mary and Angie that he has got an interview for a place on the paramedics course.

Roy promises him £5k to help fund the course, but when Jude's phone rings, Mary answers and it's the university, who reveal that Jude walked out of his exam. Realising that he has been lying to them all again, what will Mary do?

Meanwhile, a journalist from the Good Samaritan Awards comes to the cafe to interview Jude and Roy. But when Mary discovers the £5k cheque from Roy, how will Jude react when she tells him in private that she is going to tell Roy and Angie the truth?

As she tries to return the cheque to Roy, he realises that something is going on and that Mary is keeping something from him.

Geoff hosts the Good Samaritan Awards at Speed Daal but as she arrives late, Mary can’t bear to hear all the good things being said about Jude and slips out of the awards followed by Roy.

As they later return to Speed Daal, Mary and Roy arrive just in time to see Jude accept his award as Angie looks proudly on. Will Mary be able to keep quiet?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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