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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 6th - Friday 10th May

Next week in Corrie, Norris returns to Weatherfield and it's not long before he upsets Mary, Ryan and Bethany kiss, Geoff loses his temper, Gemma risks losing her job, Michelle turns detective and Paula makes Sophie an offer she can't refuse.

Here are all the lates spoilers and pics you need...

Norris returns to Weatherfield

And it's not long before he upsets Mary

When Mary spots Freda showing an estate agent into No.3, she's worried about Norris and after speaking with Tracy, worries that Freda has done away with him. Rushing in to No.3, Mary is horrified to find an urn!

As she runs out of the house, Freda follows Mary just as a car pulls up and Norris gets out. But when he tells her that he's engaged to Freda and wants a divorce, but Mary's suspicious. After spotting her diamond bracelet, Mary accuses her of being a gold digger and refuses to grant the divorce.

Meanwhile, Freda shows Rita a pile of letters addressed to Mary that Norris had hidden at No.3, letters from Brendan who is clearly still in love with Mary and the last letter contains an engagement ring.

Confiding in Rita, Mary tells her that she's left a message on his phone and accepted his marriage proposal! And Mary's heart leaps when she receives a text from Brendan suggesting they meet up.

Apologising to Mary, Norris explains that he kept the letters from her to protect her but Freda realises that Mary means more to him than she does. Is it all over between them?


Ryan and Bethany kiss

But is there really a future for the two of the,?

After feeling downbeat, that all he does is clean loos and chop having once been a successful DJ, Ryan is surprised when Bethany turns up with a flyer for a club in town and tells him that he's secured a DJ gig for him. But he worries that he’s too out of touch and wouldn’t be any good.

And she's not the only one helping Ryan out, Alya books him for a DJ set at Speel Daal, leaving Geoff is angry as he too is a DJ. In a bid to keep the peace, Yasmeen says they can share the set but Alya's having none of it and sends Geoff packing.

As Ryan thanks Bethany for getting him the gig, they flirt but as he moves in for a kiss she recoils. Thinking she isn’t interested, Ryan flirts with Alya who agrees to go on a date with it. But with Bethany confiding in Sarah that she does really like Ryan, is she too late?

Deciding that she owes him an explanation, Bethany calls Ryan over to the salon flat and bares her soul. After explaining how she was scared, they kiss and move to the bedroom.

Alya is hurt as she spots Ryan and Bethany looking loved up on the street and tells Bethany that Ryan asked her out. But how will she react?

Offering Ryan a regular DJ set at Speed Daal, Alya urges him not to give up on Bethany which Ryan is grateful for.


Geoff loses his temper

After wanting Yasmeen all to himself

After persauding Tim to cancel coming for dinner, Geoff prepares a romantic meal for him and Yasmeen, but he's angry that Alya is there until she realises she's not welcome and leaves.

Losing his temper, Geoff accuses her of doing everything she can to avoid spending time alone with him and storms off. As she catches up with him, Yasmeen apologises to Geoff and asks him to come back to the house.

He’s glad to have got his own way but things go downhill when he takes offence at Yasmeen thinking that his dumplings are cauliflower, so they head to the pub where Tim confesses that Geoff asked them to cancel.


Gemma risks losing her job

After Dev finds her with her feet up

Dev can't believe his eyes when he goes to the Kebab shop and finds Tim helping himself behind the counter and Gemma sat with her feet up watching a film!


Michelle turns detective

As she plans to go in search for Carla herself

After receiving a message from Peter threatening to jack in his rehab so he can continue his search for Carla, Michelle plans to search for her herself to stop him leaving. And Michelle is touched when Daniel shows her the posters that Robert’s had made offering a reward for information about Carla.

When Robert cancels a lunch date with Michelle, she admits to Ali how much she misses him. Having told her that he needs to go to the wine suppliers, Robert arrives at a hotel and is shocked by what he sees.


Paula makes Sophie an offer she can't refuse

But is it enough to bring them back together again?

Sophie's put out when Sally reveals she’s meeting Paula for dinner when Paula asks after Sophie, she is disappointed to hear that she turned down the offer of joining them.

When Paula calls at Speed Daal to see Sophie and it’s clear they’ve missed each other and Paula invites Sophie to join her on her pony trekking holiday in Spain. Thrilled, Sophie agrees and Sally’s delighted to realise they’re back together.


Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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