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Damon agrees to help Cindy, Grace and Zara with their bank heist in Hollyoaks

But when Grace calls off the robbery, will Cindy do it alone?

With Cindy back in on the bank heist plan, Luke’s Angels are back in action until their getaway driver calls to cancel, putting a spanner in the works. Can the girls find a substitute?

Luckily, just when they thought they were out of options, an unsuspecting Damon gives Cindy and Zara an idea when he turns up at The Loft door and the trio thinks maybe it’s fate.

However, it's left to Zara to ask The Love Boat owner to join in with their scheme and become their getaway driver.

Bumping into Jack and wanting to gain intel for the upcoming plan, Zara tries to take down as much information as possible after the conversation gets stirred into the direction of his former career as a policeman and the robberies he’d worked on.

Back at The Loft, Zara and Cindy receive a visit from DS Zoe who tells them that they’ve had a tip-off about an upcoming robbery. Concerned about Zara’s recent strange behaviour, Damon arrives and Grace has a theory it was him who went to the police.

When left alone, Zara is unable to keep it from him any more and confesses their plan to rob an armoured van to Damon.

After Zara and Damon tell Cindy and Grace that he's agreed to be their getaway driver, the two women have their doubts and plan to get The Love Boat owner away from Zara.

When Damon turns up at The Loft the owner and Cindy interrogate the newest recruit to find out his real reason for agreeing to help. But the questioning leads to more answers than expected when Cindy admits she called the cops yesterday to gain more insight.

Claiming he wants a new life, Damon tells them that the money he can make from the heist can ensure that. But when Grace puts a gun in front of him, will he still want to be a part of the scheme?

Agreeing they need Damon, Grace tasks him with getting a vehicle and leaves the bear with the gun in with Cindy to put away, but in a rush, she leaves it on a bookshelf.

When Grace hears that Curtis and Hilton are playing with a teddy bear Zara’s never seen before, the worried mum rushes home. Realising they’re in above their heads, Grace calls off the robbery but Cindy is determined, even if she has to do it alone.

When Cindy goes missing, Grace and Zara are worried about her, however as The Loft owner tries to reassure Zara that their friend knows the heist is a three women job and wouldn’t risk doing it without them.

Pulling up in a flamboyant car that she’s got her hands on to be the getaway vehicle, Cindy is determined to do what’s needed to keep her family and friends safe and Grace gives her some harsh words which backfires and spurs her on even more.

Knowing she needs to protect Cindy from herself, Grace agrees to be back on the job. But is it all as it seems?

Later, Cindy catches Grace booking a flight who claims it's to visit Courtney for a few days. But Cindy isn’t happy considering there’s an insert day for Hilton the day they’re hitting the money van. Wanting to show her competence, Cindy agrees to the task of sorting childcare.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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