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Dan is charged with GBH in Emmerdale following his attack on Lloyd

Could a drunken rant ruin his relationship with Amelia forever?

Despite Amelia's warnings not to make things worse, Dan turns up to the hospital to check on Lloyd, where he meets Julie, Lloyd's wife.

As the police take him in for further questioning, Dan tries to cover his fears in front of Amelia and once at the Police Station, he quickly realises that his visit to the hospital reflects poorly on his case.

To Dan’s surprise, DS Giles reveals that they’ve found nothing on Lloyd’s devices to suggest he's broken any laws. Unsettled by the news, Dan’s rattled when DS Giles challenges him to tell him the truth. As he's charged with GBH, Dan is scared witless.

Back in the village, Cain urges him to pull himself together for Amelia’s sake and the following day, Amelia finds the paperwork revealing that her dad was charged with GBH yesterday. As she continues to question him about his arrest, Dan despairs and later, wanders through the woods, necking a bottle of whisky until David finds him.

Venting to David, Dan tells him how one stupid moment of madness has wrecked his life and left him unable to look after Amelia and Esther. Worried that he could still face a murder charge if Lloyd dies, David struggles to talk him round.

After David helps Dan back to Dale Head, Amelia tells her dad that they need to have an honest conversation and she's left devastated when Dan drunkenly blames his GBH charge on her social media activity.

Will Dan regret his drunken rant? And if so will Amelia accept his apology?

Later that week, Dan’s thrown when Cain and Paddy arrive to collect him for a mysterious outing. Arriving at the cricket pavilion, the cricket match faces a setback when Cain smashes a cricket pavilion window off his first ball. Taking advantage of a break in play, Vinny reminds Dan that they’re all on his side.

But when Julie arrives at the Woolpack, Dan’s left feeling wretched.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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