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Darren in danger once again in Hollyoaks as Maya pretends to be a midwife

Can Ethan convince Maya to change her ways?

Please note these spoilers are for the week commencing Monday 3rd January

Whilst Darren starts “dad-training”, an encounter with Maya gives Charlie the wrong impression. But will he pass his discovery on to Nancy?

Asking Ethan for a favour, Darren wants proof that he was abducted, so he can prove to Nancy that he was telling the truth. But will his wish be granted?

Meanwhile, after overhearing a conversation between him and Nancy, Maya is shocked to hear that Darren has gone back on his word. Before he can make his escape after realising Maya had been listening, Nancy has cramps and they make a beeline for the hospital.

Later, Dave reminds Ethan of the importance of family, so he makes a shocking decision and at the hospital, Darren struggles to gain Nancy’s trust back.

However, Darren has bigger fish to fry when danger approaches in the form of Maya pretending to be a midwife. To spare his and Nancy’s lives, Darren makes a shocking confession to Maya. But will it be enough?

Meanwhile, Ethan is caught red-handed by his girlfriend and after a heart-to-heart, he admits that she has changed recently. Will love prevail?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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