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Davina McCall and Ricky Merino to front new Channel 4 dating show, The Language of Love

The 8-part series will see a group of Brits and a group of Spaniards pairing up at a dreamy Spanish country estate to see if they can find romance… despite not speaking each other’s language.

Set in a stunning finca in Andalusia, The Language of Love will be hosted by Davina McCall alongside Spanish TV host, actor and singer Ricky Merino, who will be on hand to interpret how the couples’ relationships are developing.

A group of Brits seeking romance will travel to Spain where they’ll meet their potential partners, a group of Spanish speakers also looking for their own historia de amor, to test whether love is deeper than just words.

Can sparks fly even with a language barrier to overcome?

The newly-formed couples will take part in challenges and tasks to help them test their connection as well as learning more about each other’s countries, their culture and their languages.

At the end of the series, will they choose amor or adiós? The international lovers will face a big dilemma: to call it quits, stay together long distance, or perhaps move country to be with their newfound love.

The series is being produced by 2LE Media, Motion Content Group and Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company with Sophie Alcock as Series Producer and Michael Livingstone, Tom Thostrup and Georgina Hinds as Executive Producers for Motion Content Group, with Amparo Castellano and Salva Romero from Zeppelin.

Channel 4’s Head of Entertainment and Events, Phil Harris, said "This is a truly fresh and entertaining dating experiment that throws up surprising cultural exchanges, hilarious linguistic mishaps and red-hot holiday romances all overseen by the original queen of reality, Davina, and her wonderful Spanish counterpart, Ricky."

Executive Producer for Motion Content Group, Martin Oxley, said "After a few years off from foreign travel, most of us have probably forgotten how to ask the way to the beach in Spanish. Motion couldn’t be more delighted to brush up its language skills with Davina & Ricky, 2LE, Banijay and Channel 4 with this clever and truly laugh out loud new series."

To which General Director of Zeppelin, Amparo Castellano, added "We all know how powerful love and attraction is, and this new format takes the dating genre to the next level, truly exploring whether singletons can communicate when speaking different languages."

"It’s been a highly entertaining concept to develop and co-produce with 2LE and Motion, and we’re sure our international colleagues at Banijay will have success bringing this format to other markets around the world."

The Language of Love will air next year on Channel 4


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