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Dawn's night with Ellis sends her on a path of self destruction in Emmerdale

But as she packs her bags, is Dawn leaving for good?

After discovering that Ellis has spent the night with Dawn, Will is shocked and is left horrified when she admits to purposefully bedding him.

Defiantly justifying her actions, Dawn insists she had to do the one thing Billy would never forgive her for in order to stop him from finding out about her killing Malone.

Meanwhile, an amused Marlon and Billy quiz Ellis on where he has spent the night. However, their amusement quickly vanishes when Dawn arrives and reveals she and Ellis spent the night together.

Later, Dawn sinks to the floor alone in grief, realising she has likely now lost the love of her life.

The next day, Billy angrily refuses Ellis’ apology but the pair are both equally shocked when Dawn approaches and lies her affair with Ellis has been going on for ages.

Quitting her job, Dawn later leaves Woodbine Cottage with a rucksack...

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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