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Dean begs Jade to stay with him in London as he continues to mess with her meds in EastEnders

Is Jean onto his behaviour?


When Jean asks Linda to hire The Vic as the venue for Jade's fundraiser, she surprisingly agrees, on the proviso that Dean isn't allowed to attend.

Back at Dean's place, Jean is terrified when Jade has a bad coughing fit and calls the doctor, much to his horror. Things get worse when Jade takes a look at his phone and realises that he's been dodging Shabnam's calls and texts.

With a lot of explaining to do, when Dean is confronted by Jean and Jade, he manages to persuade them that he's been putting his head in the sand and avoiding Shabnam. But Jade wonders why her mum knows she's still too ill to go to Pakistan.

Later, Jade asks Dean if she can go to the fundraiser at The Vic, but he insists that he'll only let her if she's well enough. And Jade is unaware that Dean is continuing to mess with her antibiotics to keep her close.

When Johnny taunts Dean about being banned from Jade's fundraiser, it only makes him more determined to find a way to get there.

After manipulating Jean and Harvey, Dean arrives at The Vic and Jade begs Elaine just to let him see her speech.

As they wait Dean begs Jade to stay with him in London, but she insists she needs to go to Pakistan and be with her mum.

Furious to see Dean in her bar, Linda rushes upstairs and when Jean follows right behind her, an emotional Linda makes Jean see that Dean is playing her. So Jean returns downstairs to order him to leave.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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