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Denise agrees to meet with Lucas in EastEnders as she risks losing Chelsea for good

But will he manage to convince her he's changed?

After insisting to her mother that she hasn't been in touch with her father, Chelsea tells Denise that Lucas has changed. Despite not understanding what she really does, Denise proudly talks to Kim about what a success Chelsea is.

When Caleb questions her about their plan, Chelsea is surprised to learn of the consequences if things go wrong. Visiting Pastor Lawrence, Chelsea demands to know where Lucas is.

Back in the square, Chelsea tries to persuade her mother to let Lucas live with her and as they argue, Chelsea gives Denise an ultimatum. If Denise doesn’t want anything to do with Lucas, then she will have nothing to do with her.

After managing to convince Lucas to meet with Denise, Jack and Patrick to make amends, he explains how remorseful he feels, promising that he poses no threat to Denise.

But with Denise still not convinced, Patrick tells Denise that maybe she is better off keeping her enemies close and not risk losing her daughter.

Coming up with a solution, Jack suggests offering Lucas one of his flats so that he can keep an eye on him. If it keeps Chelsea safe, Denise resigns to the fact that she doesn't really have a choice.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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