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Denise confronts Phil in EastEnders after finding out about his visits to Raymond

But how will Ellie react when she finds out who Phil really is?

Lexi overhears Ben sharing his concerns with Callum about Phil seeing Raymond, particularly what will happen if Denise finds out. And Lola is stunned when Lexi tells her about Raymond after hearing her complaining to Jay about Denise’s bad mood at work.

As Phil visits Raymond and Ellie at the hospital, Lola questions Ben about his dad's relationship to Raymond. Giving her his view, Ben then tells Lola to stay out of it.

Feeling torn, Lola ignores him and tells Denise that Phil has been seeing Raymond behind her back. Reeling from the revelation, Denise calls Ellie and the pair meet up as Denise breaks the news that Phil is Raymond’s father, and bad news.

Confronting Phil, Denise tells him she knows what’s he’s been doing, leaving him furious at Lola for telling Denise he has been seeing Raymond

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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