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Denise goes missing after turning to Lucas for advice in EastEnders

As she drives off with Amy, has she put them both in danger?


As Denise believes that her hallucinations of Keanu are real, Amy is concerned and Stacey goes to visit Denise who tries to brush it off.

However, when Denise finally begins to talk about what she’s seeing and hearing, Stacey recognises the signs that she is experiencing psychosis and tries to convince Denise to go to see a doctor.

After overhearing her saying strange things, Ricky is convinced that Denise is having a breakdown, but Amy insists she just needs to sleep.

Rushing out of the back door, Denise hides in a bush. When Stacey gets Denise inside, Yolande and Pastor Clayton arrive to give Denise counsel, whilst Stacey insists to the others that Denise needs to see a psychiatrist.

Instead, Denise goes to see the only person she believes can help her now, Lucas, who is very worried by her behaviour and the things she is saying.

Later, when Denise arrives home in an agitated state, she frightens the life out of Amy and Ricky as she explains she must get far away to keep them safe and grabs the car keys. Amy convinces Denise to let her go too, and they drive off.

Meanwhile, Ricky desperately tries to reach Jack.

Confinding in Suki, Stacey tells her that she's been seeing Jack. But when she tells her that he now believes his marriage is over, Suki insists that Stacey must convince him to stay with his wife and end things for all their sakes.

Later, Stacey tells Jack their affair is over, but the conversation is interrupted when Lucas calls to share his fears about Denise.

Meanwhile, Denise and Amy drive at high speed through a wooded area until Denise stops the car and rushes off into the night, leaving Amy distraught.

As word reaches the punters at The Vic that Denise is missing, they start co-ordinating a search party.

And when Chelsea and Johnny have a tense conversation about Denise. Linda is rattled by Chelsea’s questions and struggles to hide it.

With Suki determined to find a way out of this, no matter what happens, she insists to Stacey that the women need to rally around Denise and look after her in shifts if that’s what it takes to protect their secret.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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