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Dex reaches breaking point after Cara and Remi treat JJ differently in Neighbours

But will they listen and can the two brothers get along?


Seeing tensions rise between JJ and Dex, Cara suggests a spontaneous camping trip to get the family back on the same page. But as it means giving up gaming time with his friends, Dex resists.

However, when Remi reminds him that they’re the only ones who can help JJ get back on track, Dex reluctantly comes on board. But his enthusiasm wanes as Remi and Cara spend the entire trip humouring JJ, even as JJ continues to take their support for granted.

When Dex accidentally ruins lunch, he cracks, feeling like he’s copping more judgement from his mums than JJ.

Fed up, Dex secludes himself in his tent and later, when they go to check on him, they discover Dex is gone and there’s nothing but bush surrounding them.

As the frantic search for Dex continues without success, panic sets in, but just as Cara is about to call triple zero, Byron rings to let the mums know that Dex has made his way home.

Overwhelmed with relief, the family returns, wondering why Dex would do something so out of character. Empowered by advice from Byron, Dex admits his frustration about being ignored because he doesn’t get in trouble like JJ does, and then getting roasted for the tiniest things.

Seeing his anguish, Cara and Remi apologise for taking Dex for granted and promise to listen to his needs from now on. But despite the family breakthrough, the distance between the two brothers remains.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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