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Diane breaks some BIG news to Tony in Hollyoaks leaving Becky to save the day

But what could Becky's true intentions be?

The McQueens start with their plans to take back their home by making it seem like a house from hell and Becky later shows up to tell Tony that someone’s leaving bad reviews online. Coming to a realisation, Tony makes a drastic decision.

Diane opens up about her worries but isn't convinced that talking to Tony about it is a good idea. And just as Becky manages to convince Diane to go back into the pub, Nana cuts the electricity, sending Diane into a panic and she runs off!

As Becky and Tony search the village for Diane, when they find her, she asks Tony to leave her alone. Becky convinces her to do what she needs to do to be healthy and Diane goes back to the pub to break some big news to Tony. Later, Becky offers to help run the pub.

Tony consumes himself with running the pub, but it seems not everyone agrees with his new brunch menu and to bring in customers, Scott comes up with an idea for a live stream. But it doesn’t exactly go to plan.

Saving the day, Becky manages to get a photographer to put the pub in the Chester Herald, but Tony is upset when the article wrongly declares that Tony and Becky are married! Becky however, seems totally fine with the idea.

As Tony continues to do huge favours for Becky. What exactly could her intentions be?

Elsewhere, feeling betrayed by her, Theresa falls out with Verity and as their feud continues, Theresa locks her bedroom door so Verity won’t be able to get in. Picking the lock, Verity finds Theresa's diary and publicly reads out Theresa’s list of hotties in Hollyoaks!

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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