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Diane finds out who the father of her baby is in Hollyoaks as Verity comes clean to Sami

Is it all over for Verity and Sami?

When her dating scan is cancelled, Diane is gutted as it was her chance to find out whether the baby is Edward or Tony’s.

When her Verity turn to Misbah for help, she looks over Diane’s records from when she was in the coma and gives them the answer they’ve been waiting for.

But is it what they want to hear? And after planning a grand romantic surprise for Diane at The Hutch, how will Tony react to her baby news?

As Verity prepares to tell Sami that she's not pregnant, Mercedes finds Diane at Salon De Thé and is surprised to hear that she’s pregnant, but it makes her yearn even more for another baby of her own.

Later, we’re left worried that Edward’s reign of terror has had a lasting impact on Diane’s mental health and Verity makes a big decision to try and save her relationship with Sami.

Feeling rejected, Verity hopes Scott - aka Anita Tinkle - could reignite the fire between her and Sami.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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