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Diane opens up to Kitty about her fears about Ro’s transition in Hollyoaks

Can Kitty convince Diane to let Ro progress with his transition?


As Tony worries about Beau, Diane tries to learn more about Ro’s transitioning. Seeing that Diane has been researching online, Ro and Kitty feel encouraged.

At the pub, Ro asks Diane to take him to the doctors as he is worried about growing up in his body. Despite Diane being supportive, the strain is showing and her drinking seems to be creeping up, And when it comes to it, she's too upset to make the appointment.

Meanwhile, Beau is still in crisis and Tony vows to get through to him byplanning a fishing trip, but he won’t go and at the police station Zoe is briefed on a development in Declan’s case.

After lying to Ro that his appointment has been cancelled, Diane admits to Kitty what she has done and shares her fears about Ro’s transition progressing. But after they talk, Diane decides to go ahead and make the appointment for Ro.

When the police want to interview Ro about Carter. Tony suggests Beau chaperones. But at the school, when the line of questioning of Ro and Lucas turns out to be around Declan, Beau tries to call time on the interview. And gets out of the police that Declan is "missing, following an altercation".

Later, Ro tells Beau that he knows who is behind Declan’s disappearance. And when the police tell Beau and Kitty that they have found blood at the cottage, belonging to Declan and his son Ivan, Kitty plans to burn her ID card and precious childhood doll, linking her to Ivan,

This causes Kitty to plan to burn her ID card and precious childhood doll, linking her to Ivan, with some rubbish. But Diane gets suspicious of her behaviour and with the police inside the Dog, Kitty is forced to admit what is going on.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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