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Diane prepares to leave Emmerdale as Gabby goes into labour alone

Can Bernice and Diane get to Gabby in time?

As Diane plans to leave the village, Pollard offers to buy out her stake in the B&B and they share a tender moment.

It’s clear that they will miss each other more than they’re willing to admit.

The next day, Diane shares her box of Woolpack memories with Chas and Bernice and finds herself agreeing to Chas’s offer of a goodbye party. But how will that work with Gabby’s plans to do her moonlight flit?

Meanwhile, Gabby invites herself to Laurel’s for a family dinner with the secret aim to say her own private goodbye. Afterwards, Gabby is left feeling overwhelmed with emotion, aware of what she is about to leave behind.

Back at Home Farm, Gabby finally snaps back at irrational Kim telling her she won’t be part of her baby’s life. But when Gabby tells Diane they need to go sooner will that put a kibosh on Diane’s plans?

Gabby does her best to secretly pack as she suffers pains in her stomach. As she tries to lug her suitcase out of Home Farm, she crumples to the floor and starts going into labour, with no one around to help and no power in her phone and the house in darkness due to a power cut.

After Diane shares a moment with Bernice, they prepare to collect Gabby and escape from the village - little do they know, Gabby’s plight as she fights her intense labour pains.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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