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Diane's OCD gets costly as her due date approaches in Hollyoaks

Has Verity cottoned on to what's happening?

With her due date fast approaching, Diane is feeling overwhelmed, having not sorted everything for the baby's arrival. But when Tony gets boxes from the loft to help, Diane worries they’re all dirty and tells Tony she wants them all gone!

As Diane looks for the best and safest baby products, they come at a price. Tony comes up with the idea, to ask Verity for some of Edward’s inheritance and Verity is happy to help.

But Diane panics when the pram she wants is out of stock, and she can’t take Verity’s card out of fear it has germs. Snapping, Diane tells Verity that no one gets it.

Later, Diane goes into overdrive to protect her family when she reads about reported burglaries in the area. Not wanting to leave the house and go for a meal with Verity, Diane tells Tony that they had a falling out yesterday.

When Verity tells Tony what happened between them, she suggest that there might be more to it.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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