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Dotty is left homeless in EastEnders as she begs for a job and somewhere to stay

Could a romantic relationship with Vinny be the answer to all her problems?

When Vinny is forced to come clean to a suspicious Suki that Dotty is staying at the bedsit, she tells him that she has to pay, otherwise, she'll be evicted.

Over at the gym, Sonia is displeased to see Rocky working out and after Vinny breaks the news to Dotty, they both spot her desperately asking Nancy for a job. But after she's rejected, Rocky is concerned and

Vinny breaks the news to her, a desperate Dotty asks Nancy for a job but gets rejected. who later visits Dotty at Ruby’s, offering to help her out financially. But he doesn't have enough.

Zack finds Dotty with a sleeping bag at the club. Reminding her of the alarm system, he advises Dotty to swallow her pride and reach out to Sonia.

After a night sleeping rough at the allotments, Dotty wakes up and asks Vinny that if he can find her a place to stay, then maybe they could give things a go romantically. Confused by her offer, Vinny reaches out to Karen who, not realising he’s talking about Dotty, advises him to go for it.

Asking her out for dinner, Vinny offers to pay for Dotty’s bedsit. At Walford East, they run into Keegan and Karen who is mortified that she encouraged him to give things a try with Dotty.

Later, Keegan visits Dotty with some firm words and Vinny asks Dotty out on another date. When she declines, he accuses her of stringing him along so she tells him what Keegan said.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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