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Douglas Henshall joins the cast of Channel 4 comedy Home

He'll play Elliot, John’s dad and Katy’s ex-husband when the series returns in February.

The actor who's best-known for playing Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez in long-running BBC drama Shetland, will join the cast of Rufus Jones' brilliant comedy Home.

The series follows a Syrian refugee who ends up living with a family in Britain after sneaking into their car in Calais.

Series two picks up six months after Sami’s interview with the Home Office in order to stay permanently in the UK.

Elliot has been absent for a few years, and when he makes a sudden reappearance into their lives no-one really expects it to go smoothly. He claims to have cleaned up his act, and is still as charming as ever, but the undercurrent of chaos is still very much there.

But Elliot is John’s dad, and wants to see more of his son. John is smitten, but Katy, Peter and Sami aren't so sure.

Speaking about joining Home, Douglas said "Working on Home was one of the highlights of my year. Rufus, Rebekah, Youssef, and Oaklee made me feel part of the family from day one. It’s a fantastic show and I was delighted to be a part of it.”

My interview with Rufus Jones coming soon.

Home returns Wednesday 5th February at 10pm on Channel 4

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