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Dylan Moran writes and stars in new BBC Two comedy Stuck

The five-part series, made up of 15-minute episodes, will also star Morgana Robinson.

Filmed in Belfast, Stuck promises to be a sometimes dark, sometimes surreal sitcom about the relationship between Dan and Carla.

Dan and Carla are at a crossroads. Dan has been recently made redundant, while Carla is wondering whether this is all she can expect from life. Add their age gap to the mix, and the re-emergence onto the scene of Carla's ex-girlfriend Maya, and it’s no wonder that they're feeling stuck.

Speaking about the new series, Dylan Moran said "I’m delighted to be working with the smartypants comedy wonks at Hat Rack, going to Belfast to shoot our crazy little series. Morgana is a one-woman army of comic power, and the little gang of loons we found to make a very lumpy talent piñata. Terrifying."

"I’m only ok with this because I know our brilliant director Ian FitzGibbon specialises in coaxing magic even from clumps like me who breathe through their foreheads and bang into the walls. Check us out."

Executive Producer for Hat Trick, Jimmy Mulville said "I can’t think of a better way of beginning a new year than working on a Dylan Moran comedy. In Stuck, he turns the traditional rom-com on its head with some hilarious and painfully honest observations. And with Morgana Robinson as his co-star, it promises to be a masterclass in comic writing and performing."

Commissioning Editor at the BBC, Seb Barwell added "Dylan is one of the great comic minds of our time, so it’s hugely exciting that he’s created this new narrative series, tackling love, relationships and a very current sense of limbo, with all the finely-honed insight and humour of his stand up shows."

Filming commences in January 2022 with further broadcast and casting details for Stuck set to be confirmed in due course.

Stuck will air on BBC Two

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