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EastEnders Original Doctor Legg Returning to the Soap

This autumn, 92-year-old actor Leonard Fenton will return to EastEnders, reprising his role as Doctor Harold Legg which dates back to the soap's very first episode in 1985.

Doctor Legg served as Walford’s local GP until 1997 and was last seen in 2007 when he briefly returned to Walford.

During his time in the Square, there was always one person who was a constant in his professional life, Dot.

The pair struck up a very close bond over the years with Doctor Legg entertaining Dot’s hypochondria, her endless ailments, questions and woes, reassuring her every time.

Dot held the doctor in high regard and trusted his every piece of advice so will no doubt be thrilled to be back in contact.

After leaving Walford, Doctor Legg returned for Mark’s funeral and also Ethel Skinner’s and wreaths from the doctor were also present at further funerals showing that even absent from the Square, the residents are never far from his thoughts.

Speaking about his return, Leonard Fenton said “I am very happy to be back at EastEnders and am looking forward to working with June and the rest of the cast and crew again.”

On working with Leonard again, June Brown MBE said "It's been eleven years since Dot last visited her favourite doctor, Doctor Legg, and it's an utter delight to be working with Leonard Fenton again in 2018."

Executive Consultant for the soap, John Yorke added “It’s a huge honour to have Leonard back in the show and to see him and June working together again for an exciting and emotional story.”

Leonard has returned to filming and his scenes will air this autumn.


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