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Here are the latest EastEnders spoilers and pics for scenes which will air Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th and Friday 12th January on BBC One.

Bernadette has a bad week which ends in her being searched by the police

As Evie kisses Tiffany, leaving her heartbroken. And things go from bad to worse for her after she agrees to cover for her best friend, only to land her in it with Evie.

Whilst on a job with Rat, one of Evie's co-workers, Tiffany is too distracted arguing with Bernadette to realise that Rat has secretly taken the drugs from her bag. As they both keep their distance from him on the train, Bernadette tries to convince her not to go through with the job.

But as the train stops and two transport police officers board, Tiffany panics when she can't find the drugs and Bernadette is searched.

Abi's first birthday brings a reluctant Max and Rainie closer together

With Abi's first birthday approaching, Max stresses over plans for her birthday and leaves Abi with Jack. Trying to fix things, Rainie offers to take charge and Max is shocked when he returns to find Abi crying, whilst Rainie lies on the kitchen floor having collapsed.

As Jack tries to salvage Abi’s birthday, Rainie is still determined to help, insisting she feels fine. But after seeing her still unsteady, Max leaves her feeling hurt after dishing out some harsh words. But as Rainie storms out, she accidentally leaves the door ajar.

With Jack unable to convince Max that he should give Rainie the benefit of the doubt, Rainie throws the photo album she made for Abi, with photos of her mother, away. Jack retrieves the gift from the bin and shows Max who after realising the effort Rainie must have gone through, decides to let her see Abi.

And after Max books a Doctor's appointment for Rainie, Jack is pleased to see his brother making an effort to look after her.

Mitch arrives to fix Karen's bathroom but he's not alone

He arrives with a friend's daughter, Bailey and gives her a football to keep her out of trouble. But it's not long before all hell breaks loose after she smashes one of the windows of The Queen Vic.

When Mick overreacts, Mitch is quick to defend her and agrees to fix the window himself. As Mitch gets to work, Mick realises that he overreacted and wants to make amends with Bailey. With Karen's help, Mick tracks her down at football practice. After meeting with struggling football coach Caden, Mick steps in to help.

Together, Mick and Mitch help Caden get the training session underway and try to boost his confidence at The Vic. But just as they think they've won him round, Caben quits, leaving them responsible for the team.

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