EASTENDERS SPOILERS Alfie discovers that Hayley didn't have an abortion

But what does this mean for his hopes of getting back together with Kat?

After Alfie's surprise visit last week, Kat is stunned when he apologies for everything and admits that he has come to win her back.

Worried that he might see Hayley and the baby, Jean orders Alfie away to fetch the boys and tries to put Kat off seeing them leaving everyone confused by her behaviour.

With Hayley’s party underway, Alfie invites various residents to join the party in order to create a distraction and with the Slater house full to the brim, he sneaks back in and has a heart-to-heart with Kat who has locked herself in the bathroom. Agreeing to take things one step at a time, Kat is finally reunited with her boys.

Later, Jean looks on horrified as spots Alfie cradling Hayley’s baby, not knowing that the baby is his! But when Hayley walks in, he is stunned to discover that she is the baby's mother after believing that she had an abortion.

Fuming, Hayley demands that Jean puts an end to the party and Alfie desperately tries to get answers from Hayley bus is distracted by Kat, who insists they talk about him being back. Struggling to focus, Alfie manages to distract her by landing Stacey in it by revealing that she's the one who called him.

Alone, Alfie tells Hayley he’s back for Kat leaving her deflated and they're forced to cover when Kat interrupts their conversation. Hayley refuses Alfie's pleas to be a part of the baby's life and threatens to reveal the truth to Kat. Realising that Hayley is upset, Kat does her best to comfort her.

Later on in the week, Alfie is desperate to get his hands on a TV for his latest scheme and convinces Ian to let him borrow his and goes into full organisation mode as he plans an event for his latest venture, Blue Moon Funerals.

After convincing her to help, Hayley starts to see just how much their baby means to him and spotting the exchange, Jean is furious to see them working together, but does her best to stay out of it.

With the event underway, Alfie turns on the charm and impresses Kat before making a touching gesture. But when Jean and Alfie both see how gutted Hayley is by his gesture, he follows her upstairs and tries to apologise.

Fed up, Jean interrupts them and reveals to Alfie she knows the truth and demands that he tells Kat everything. But will he agree? And what will happen if he doesn't?

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