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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Gray's jealousy turns to violence, Louise cracks under the pressure + more

The following storylines will air 7th, 9th & 10th December (two episodes) on BBC One

Gray's jealousy turns to violence

Returning from their honeymoon, Gray hears from Kat about his New Year's party and is quick to cover. When he spots Chantelle talking to Jags, Gray gets suspicious and quizzes her about what they were talking about.

As they continue to try for a baby, Gray pushes Chantelle to take a pregnancy test but when it comes back negative, Gray is agitated by Chantelle’s attitude and grabs her wrist. Pulling her closer, it’s clear that she's in pain.

Having been told by Karen about her "accident", Keegan and Bailey pay Chantelle a visit who decides to keep her distance from the Panesars. But when Jags arrives with Vinny and flirts with her, Chantelle reaches her limits when Kheerat arrives and abruptly tells them all to leave.

Later on in the week, Vinny is shocked to learn Iqra is Keegan's business partner and Chantelle is purposefully rude to Kheerat in order to keep Gray happy. When his moped arrives, Keegan rides off with Vinny only to be stopped in their tracks.

Rushing to Gray's office to deilver the sandwiches, Gray reveals that their lateness has cost them. But as Vinny goes to explain why they were late, Keegan stops him, adamant that Gray can’t find out.

Deflated, Keegan and Vinny return to the Square and reveal to a stunned Tiffany what happened.


Louise cracks under the pressure

Tired of all the arguing, Louise takes Denny to the café but soon feels uncomfortable when Sharon arrives and Karen approaches, wanting to see Peggy.

After opening up to Lisa about looking after Peggy, Ben deals Louise some harsh words, unhappy about her continuing to talk about Sharon.


Lexi performs at the beauty pageant

As tensions rise between them, Karen feels disappointed by Billy's actions and lays into Honey after hearing that Janet won't be taking part in the pageant and manages to convince her to change her mind.

After hearing from Lola what Karen has done, Billy invites her to the beauty pageant as way of saying thank you. Also present are Lola, Honey, the Taylors and Ben who has decided to take Louise and Peggy with him.

With Lexi performing a dance especially for him, Ben is elated whereas Billy can't hide his frustrations after Janet's performance wows the judges.


Mitch takes Honey out on a date

Desperate to keep up appearances, Honey makes food for herself and the kids in front of Billy who tries to reason with her. But after Lola catches Billy researching eating disorders, he is forced to tell her about Honey - blaming himself for not realising.

And after being teased by Karen and Bailey about his love life, Mitch decides to ask Honey out on a date.


Leo asks Whitney for forgiveness

Whitney is shocked to discover that Leo is joining the market as a new stall holder and Martin and Kush warn him to stay out of everyone’s away. But after paying for her in the café, Leo visits Whitney on her doorstep, asking for a chance to explain everything.



Denise asks Lola to manage the salon, Ben reveals to Phil that he has a date and Mo suggests a séance to speak to Daniel.


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