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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hayley feels betrayed by Kat and Jean

After Kat calls a social worker and Jean does the unthinkable after a false alarm.

Following the events of last week, Jean does her best to support Hayley and asks the other Slaters for some money towards things for the baby.

Hayley's shocked when she gets a visit from the social worker, wanting to discuss the events of last week.

Livid, Hayley refuses their help and is determined to find out who called them. However, when the social worker explains that she only wants to help, Hayley is reassured and eventually opens up.

Assuming Jean was responsible, Hayley later snaps at her and just as she goes to attack her, Kat and Stacey arrive to break-up the commotion.

As everyone calms down, Hayley realises Kat made the call but as the family confront her she stands by her decision. Wanting to put things right, Kat tries to talk to Hayley but the pair exchange some harsh home truths leading to a huge argument.

With Hayley staying at the Ahmed’s, Jean makes the point that she should be at home and insists that Kat apologises to her. As Kat goes to see Hayley she's taken aback when she sees Hayley happily playing with Harley and rushes off.

As Harley is reunited with his mum, Hayley is touched by Chloe’s determination to be a good mum and after she watches Mariam and Arshad bid an emotional farewell to Harley, she returns to the Slater’s.

Starting to feel more positive about the baby, Hayley's doubts do return when she overhears a conversation between Kat and Stacey.

As Jean does her best to reassure Hayley, they are both thrown into panic when Hayley starts to get contractions. As Hayley rushes to the hospital, Stacey gives Kat a reality check about her attitude towards Hayley.

When she later returns from the hospital, revealing it was a false alarm, Hayley is shocked by what Jean has done. Insisting that she was only trying to help, Jean attempts to make things right with Hayley but she's having none of it.

And with Kat still giving Hayley a hard time, Stacey tries to make excuses for Kat but despite the support from the family, Hayley makes a huge decision.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One

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