EASTENDERS SPOILERS: Hayley returns to Walford

But she’s not welcome. Causing anger amongst the market traders, coming between Martin and Stacey and getting on the wrong side of Linda.

Without so much as a licence or a pitch, Hayley decides to sell some of her belongings on the market and is confronted with anger from the market traders, apart from Martin who steps in to defend her.

Confiding in Kat, Stacey worries that Hayley is after Martin and orders her to leave, telling her that she’s not welcome in Walford. But she assures her that she’s got a new boyfriend and is not after Martin.

Despite trying her best, Jean doesn’t manage to convince Kat and Stacey that Hayley should stay with them after she paid her a visit. Outside, Hayley bumps into Stuart who asks her to join them in The Vic.

Inside, Donna and Hayley come to blows but Robbie sees an opportunity and tries to defend Donna, referring to her as his girlfriend. But things end embarrassingly for Robbie as Donna storms off.