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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Hunter starts working for Ian

And despite his tardiness, is it in Ian's interests to keep Hunter happy in order to get closer to Mel?

When Jack suggests that Hunter should earn his own money and not expect hand-outs, Mel is initially taken aback before agreeing.

Hunter however is having none of it and whilst Billy cashes up, he steals some money. After lying to his mum that he's job hunting he's rumbled after bumping into her and Jack in the Square.

Keen to impress Mel, Ian offers Hunter a job at the restaurant and with Mel piling on the pressure, Hunter is forced to accept.

As Hunter starts, Ian tries to get the inside scoop on Mel and Jack’s relationship. When Ian admits to Masood he thinks he’ll marry Mel within a year, he doesn’t realise Hunter has overheard.

When Hunter calls in sick, Ian catches him out and frog marches him to Mel. Despite Hunter giving him an offer he can’t refuse, Ian remains furious with Hunter after he turns up late to work and ruins an expensive delivery.

After telling Mel it’s not working, he soon changes his mind after Mel offers up some tactical flirting.

These scenes will air Monday 30th July at 8pm, Tuesday 31st July at 7:30pm, Thursday 2nd August at 7:30pm and Friday 3rd August at 8pm on BBC One


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