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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Ian and Masood soft launch their fusion restaurant

But with the pair at loggerheads over what's best for the business, Masood holds back the cheque from the investor and Ian gives Masood a tiny mention on their restaurant flyers.

Intent on having a soft launch for the restaurant, Ian wants to impress Mel and strikes up a mutually beneficial deal with her.

As Ian and Masood prepare for opening, Kathy is left unimpressed after finding out that Ian has asked Hunter to help in a bid to get Mel's attention.

Undeterred by the fact Mel is with Jack, he tells Kathy that he’s going to marry her and wants her to see he is a success.

With a lack-lustre response to the soft launch, Ian, Masood and Kathy are disappointed but all is soon forgotten for Ian when Mel arrives.

After a surprise heart-to-heart about Lucy with Mel, Ian is annoyed when Jack arrives and with Kathy left to console Ian, it turns out he’s more determined than ever to win Mel’s heart.

These scenes will air Monday 25th at 9:10pm (55-minute episode) and Friday 29th June at 8pm and 9pm on BBC One


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