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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Jack tries to find out who stole the money

But will Mel be able to meet Phil's demands and pay back some of the missing £15,000 by the end of the week?

Paying Ian a visit, Mel tells him that she's looking for a new food supplier for the club and he takes the opportunity to recreate the dish he cooked for her all those years ago. Convinced it's a date, he puts all his efforts into creating the perfect dish.

But Mel sends him on a wild goose chase so that she can search the house for the necklace Ben gave to Kathy. Unable to find it, she texts Ian to tell him that she had to leave.

Overhearing Ian bragging about his date with Mel, Jack goes over to the club to confront her. She admits that there was a robbery at the club and that she needs to replace the money ASAP.

During a brainstorm with Billy over how the money was stolen, Billy suggest to Jack and Mel that it could have been an inside job. Accidentally making himself look like prime suspect.

But when Woody suggests that the bottle left on the bar could have been drank by the culprit, Jack accuses Keegan and demands to know the names of the other fingerprints found on the bottle.

Fearful of Jack’s threats, Bernadette convinces Keegan that they need to find out who did take the money to clear his name accusations fly as she calls a meeting in the café with Louise, Hunter, Bex and Keegan.

Afterwards, Keegan pays a visit to Jack to tell him that Hunter was responsible.

Mel is quick to jump to her son's defence after Jack pays Hunter a visit. In a bid to get Hunter alone, Jack tells Mel he saw the club heaving with police on his way over. As she leaves in a panic, Jack has a chat with Hunter and the pair leave on good terms.

These scenes will air Monday 4th - Friday 8th June on BBC One

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