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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Jean thinks she knows who the father of Hayley's baby is

But as Hayley struggles with the pressure of becoming a mum, will she admit the truth?

Armed with Jean’s list of things to buy for the baby, Hayley becomes overwhelmed but luckily Mariam comes to her rescue. After spending time with Harley, Hayley's confidence at being a mum grows.

However, when she learns that Mariam and Arshad fostered a child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Hayley snaps at Mariam and leaves.

Back at home, Jean is quick to reassure Hayley who is wracked with guilt about drinking throughout her pregnancy. But when Hayley lets slip about drinking in Spain, Jean is suspicious and quizzes Hayley about the father.

Walking out, Hayley drinks in the park, unaware that Jean is investigating her suspicions and thinks she’s worked out who the father of the baby is.

But will Hayley admit all to Jean when she demands the truth?

After a dressing down, Hayley tearfully leaves to get some space and spots Keanu. After persuading him to go to the park, Keanu notices Hayley’s drinking and is disgusted. Giving her a piece of his mind, he quickly realises just how vulnerable she is.

Back at the Slater’s, there’s no sign of Hayley but when Keanu mentions Hayley was going ‘home’, Jean realises where she is and rushes with Kat to find her. As they pull up at an abandoned block of flats, they're horrified to see Hayley sat on the edge of a tower block balcony.

On the balcony, Kat tries to coax Hayley down from the edge, but Hayley is adamant that if Kat knew the truth she’d think differently. As Jean pleads with Hayley to get down, they have an emotional heart-to-heart and Jean reassures her bringing her back to safety.

Later, as Hayley sleeps, Mo and Kat want answers. After thanking Jean for everything, Hayley overhears some very harsh words from Kat.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One


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