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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Linda and Shirley clash

As Linda continues to believe Stuart, but will she succeed in getting Linda out of The Vic?

Despite Tina, Whitney and Halfway piling on the pressure, Linda visit refuses to visit Mick, continues to believe Stuart and refuses to take back her wedding ring which Tina had kept.

When Stuart later arrives at The Vic, he is confronted by Tina who shares some harsh words and despite the commotion, Linda asks Stuart to stay.

But how will she feel when Whitney stands up for Mick in front of all of the punters? And will she believe Stuart when he tells her that there's still hope for her and Mick?

Making a surprise return to The Vic, Shirley finds out what’s been going on and loses her cool with Linda and Stuart.

After lashing out at Stuart, she goes to see Tina to assure her that they won’t let Mick go down without a fight.

Desperate, Shirley contacts Phil to ask for his help in convincing Ritchie to represent Mick again but he reveals he’ll sort it when he’s back in a couple of days to surprise Sharon.

With Kat behind the bar, Shirley and Tina arrive to collect the rest of their belongings, but when Shirley comes back down she throws Linda’s things over the bar and kicks Linda and Stuart out!

After staying at Stuart’s, Linda is determined to get her home back and storms back to The Vic where she calls the police. She later gets her way when the police tell Shirley that she can’t throw Linda out. But the situation soon gets out of hand...

EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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