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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Max and Rainie get ready to play happy families

As they prepare for a visit from the social worker, they feel the pressure to get character references from friends to support their custody battle for baby Abi.

Max helps Masood with Harley in the hope he will give him a reference but after consulting with his Aunty, he refuses.

Max offers Karen £200 to be his character reference, as long as she brings someone with her. But when Max lets slip it’s to get custody of baby Abi, Karen is disgusted and leaves taking Bernie with her.

Desperate, Max goes to see Carmel for a reference but she has some brutally honest words for him. He’s had too many chances and he's left feeling hopeless.

Rainie suggests Stacey could be the perfect person but Max isn’t so sure. Can he ask her after everything they’ve been through?

These scenes will air Monday 19th at 9:25pm (hour-long) and Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd at 9:10pm on BBC One


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