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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Mick is left fearing for his life in prison

But is there anything Linda can do to help?

During Monday's episode (24th September), Mick is desperate to wish Johnny a happy birthday and enquires about a burner phone and is told to speak to another inmate, Fraser.

In order to get the phone, Mick has to carry out a favour for Fraser. Doing as he is told, Mick is horrified to realise the ramifications of his actions.

Meanwhile, Stuart revels in the news of Mick’s imprisonment. But is it all good news?

Back at the prison, Mick returns to Fraser to ask for the phone but he is horrified by what he learns and leaves him fearing for his life.

As he attempts to put the record straight with Fraser on Tuesday (25th September), Mick realises after a close call with another inmate, that it won't be that easy.

Despite his cellmate Bob's advice to stay low, Mick decides to confront Fraser who in turn asks him for another favour. Fearful for what's in store for him, Mick returns to Fraser who gives him a dangerous ultimatum.

On Thursday (27th September), during Linda’s visitation, Mick warns her about a mysterious woman who came to visit him and he's horrified when Fraser continues to torment him and gives him a threat he can’t ignore.

Back at The Vic, Stuart gives the Carters an ultimatum after being discharged from hospital.

Determined, Linda enlists Halfway’s help on Friday (28th September) to get through to Zara, desperately trying to convince her that Stuart is lying.

Paying Mick a visit, Zara offers him some home truths and implores him to tell the truth for the sake of Ollie. But how long will Zara continue to stand by her dad?

And the tension builds as Fraser's threat hangs over Mick.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One

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