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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Rainie turns to drugs

But is she about to turn her back on Max?

Feeling hopeless and desperate after failing to get Max's attention, Rainie decides to buy drugs. Spotting the exchange, Phil steps in and sends the dealer on his way and offers Rainie her support.

Following a heart-to-heart, Phil visits Max to discuss what has happened and she's touched when Max apologises and invites her home. However they are stunned when they arrive to find Cora with baby Abi.

After reluctantly leaving Abi with Max and Rainie for the day, Cora shares her woes with Patrick who encourages her to move on and fix her relationship with Rainie. With Rainie alone with Abi, Cora visits her and suggests they move on from the past but they are interrupted by Max.

Cora’s motives soon become clear when she gets Rainie alone again and gives her a tempting offer. Max is curious after spotting the exchange and questions Rainie as to whose side she’s really on.

With Max not wanting to hear about Cora, Rainie turns to Cora to find out more about the offer but she's left upset after Cora implies all she wants is money. Asking for a cheque, is Rainie about to turn her back on Max?

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July on BBC One


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