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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Sharon has second thoughts about being with Keanu

And is Bernadette onto them when she catches her brother taking flirty selfies?

On Monday (1st October), Keanu is mortified when Bernadette catches him taking flirty selfies. After being told that he's not old enough to become a mini cab driver, Keanu is gutted and Sharon is left dumbstruck when she realises how old he is.

As they're alone in the car later, the age gap becomes too much for Sharon who makes her excuses and leaves.

After distancing herself from Keanu, Sharon is forced to admit on Tuesday (2nd October) that she is too old for him. She also reminds him that if Phil were to ever found out, she'd be killed." and Keanu storms off leaving Sharon heartbroken.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One


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