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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Sharon returns to Walford, Mariam tells Honey about Adam's affair + more

The following storylines will air 28th, 30th October & 1st November on BBC One

Sharon returns to Walford as Mel tries to sell the E20 to Ruby


When she returns from Portugal, Sharon pretends to be surprised when Louise reveals that she's moving to Portugal with Keanu. Pleading with Sharon to stop Louise, Keanu is told to play along with Mel.

Inviting Ruby to the E20, Mel makes her a surprising offer, first refusal to buy the club. Sensing her doubts that Sharon won't sell, Mel reassures her that she definitely will - later threatening Sharon to do as she says.

Visiting Sharon, Ruby is confused when she disputes the amount offered and the pair exchange some harsh words. When Sharon admits to Ben that Mel is behind her decision to sell, he shares a secret with her that changes everything. Armed with this new information, Sharon goes head-to-head with Mel.

With Sharon on to her, Mel's plan begins to unravel and she goes to desperate lengths, lying to those around her, to ensure she gets what she wants.

Elsewhere, growing tired of Mel's interfering with Louise's future, Lisa tries to encourage her to see a counsellor about her grief and Keanu also vents the same frustrations to Lisa. Following a false alarm with Louise and the baby, Lisa sees how overbearing Mel is.

And when Ben lets slip to Karen that Louise and Keanu are moving to Portugal, she's devastated.

The Panesars arrive in Walford


Martin's quick to tell Ben that the Panesar brothers have arrived, leading to a confrontation. Only he's left embarrassed when he learns from Kheerat that they're not there to see him.

But what else brings them to Walford? And who's the familiar face Jag recognises?

Mariam tells Honey that Adam has been having an affair


After confronting him about Habiba, Mariam has a heart-to-heart with Adam and later admits to Habiba that she blames herself for Adam's actions.

Telling Honey that she knows about Adam's affair, Honey denies it accusing Mariam of trying to split them up. Only she's shocked by how Mariam reacts to the accusation.

As the day of The Queen Vic’s Halloween party arrives, everyone throws themselves into the spirit and Honey puts her foot down when Adam tries to back out, demanding that he goes. At the party, he apologises for not being around and suggests they go on a family holiday, leaving Honey thrilled.

However, when Habiba arrives, Honey is distracted and seeks relationship advice from Mick who hatches a plan to cheer her up. With Adam showing his true colours, Mariam overhears everything and Habiba and Iqra to hatch a plan to cheer Mariam up.



Ian confronts Iqra and Keegan after learning they used his kitchen for their business and encourages him to give up. However he's annoyed to learn that Keegan hasn’t closed his business and takes matters into his own hands.

Tiffany is annoyed to overhear that Jack is planning to put her and Keegan off their engagement and after learning what Dotty did, she wastes no time in confronting her.

And Whitney and Leo share a passionate kiss as sparks fly between them at The Vic's party.


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